Wounded again - back to England

Tues May 15th.

I am now in 1st Southern General Hospital at Birmingham, having arrived here last Friday.

Wed May 16th.

It has now been discovered that I have nephritis (kidney trouble). Was feeling very sick before going in the line at Bullecourt, but grew worse since arriving here. I hope to be soon well again. According to paper reports, Bullecourt has been captured after very heavy fighting. Australian and Scottish troops suffered heavily there but were finally successful together with English troops. Heavy fighting in progress along greater part of Western front.

Wed July 4th.

I have now been transferred to Starefield Park Hospital. Wounds have almost healed, but am still ill with the nephritis, although much improved.

Sunday July 22nd.

I have not been allowed out much on account of weakness, but have been to London to a couple of shows and once on my own to Norwood where my uncle lives.

Tues July 24th.

I have been before a Medical board and so far as I know will be returned to Australia very shortly.

Aug 3rd.

My name is on a list for return home.

Sept 10th.

Left Harefield today about 8.30am and travelled per rail to Plymouth and boarded S.S. Ulyses about 6pm.

Tues Sept 11th.

Left Plymouth today about 3pm.

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