Diary - Depart Sydney

Left Sydney on S.S. Kanowna on June 18th with 2nd Reinforcements 19th Battalion under Lieut. Heritage. Calling at Melbourne and Port Adelaide to take in troops. At Fremantle were allowed leave for 6 hours. From Fremantle steamed direct to Suez, arriving there about August 1st. From Suez we went by rail to Yeitoun Camp, where we were accommodated in tents. Drill and rifle practice were the daily routine with leave to Cairo, first day.

Fri 13.8.1915

Transferred from Yeitoun into 19th Batt. At Heliopolis. I was drafted into No 12 section,No 11 platoon, C Company.

Heliopolis - postcard from EG King collection
Heliopolis - postcard from EG King collection

Sat 14.8.15

Was issued with sundries to complete full equipment in the morning and in the afternoon marched out to Rifle Range for musketry. I scored 10 points in application, prone position and 15 with fixed bayonet, prone position, both off 100 yards range. We hadn’t time to complete the musketry on account of it getting dark. We arrived back in camp about 8pm.

Sun 15.8.15.

Church parade at 7.30am. after which we had to stay in camp all day and left about 9pm, marched to Yeitoun Station and left there about 11pm.

Mon 16.8.15.

Arrived at Alexandria at 5am. And joined transport ship Saturnia B31. We left there about 5pm.

Wed 18.8.15.

Sighted Grecian Archipelago in Agean Sea.

Thurs 19.8.15.

Rained about 4.30am and we had to rush to shelter as we are sleeping on deck. It was a surprise as it so seldom rains in this part of the world. Dropped anchor about 5am near Lemos, moved off again about 10.30am. Saw lots of warships, cruisers and destroyers, troopships, hospital ships both French and English, anchored again about 12 o’clock. Received orders at 5pm to fall in on top deck with all equipment including 200 rounds of ammunition and 48 hours rations and stand by for further orders.

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